The Demokratik Republik of Kalifornia

Do you ever get the feeling that something is wrong?

Who Is This Idiot?

What kind of Nut Job would say such things?


The Village Idiot
The Village Idiot

Well… I was born shortly after President Kennedy had his brains blown out onto the back of a limousine in Texas… About 16 or 17 years later I decided it would be a good idea to get into some hard drugs and heavy drinking but like all good things in life that eventually came to an end.

I wound up in AA, met a woman, settled down and started a family. Then she thought she would get into some hard drugs and that got really weird… Like all good things in life… Well, I went surfing for a while and tried to figure it all out.

Shortly after… Umm… Not really figuring it all out, I remarried and started another family (I like this one a lot better… Way less bad craziness) and I’m still trying to figure it all out.

I Love with my wife and four children even though they drive me a little nuts… I love the country I live in, and it drives me a little nuts too. Oh, and I have a lot of weird hobbies…

Why Demokratik Republik of Kalifornia?

So…I have this other website to promote my professional work… I’m not one to keep things in so I began talking about life the universe and everything (okay honestly I was talking about nothing) on my professional website. Someone told me “Hey! … You need to stop saying crazy $hit on your website otherwise you are never going to work again”.

Okay… I can see where that could be a problem… Not like I can shut up though… So… I published

Some Years Gone by and Things Have Changed… A Lot.

This is how life goes and the Final Chapter of Madman V.S. The Ducks. I’m working on it.


mistakes were made by Matt Groening
I just like this… Don’t know why I put it here. Cartoon by Matt Groening.


2 thoughts on “Who Is This Idiot?

  1. Good idea with the site and all- you can say whatever you want – until the NSA demands your IP address from your ISP and then tracks you down – but hey, that could be days or weeks in the future, no need to worry. Actually – you have until Jan 2017 – the date the next Right WingNut will become POTUS and any personal freedoms re-gained by the Obama admin (slim pickins – but still…) will be out the window.

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