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Do you ever get the feeling that something is wrong?

Stuff I Don’t Like

Products and Services to Avoid

I rarely dislike something so much that I want to shout it from the hilltops however sometimes I run into something that just plain pisses me off…

AT&T Sucks A$$

AT&T Has the absolute worst customer service of any corporation on the planet. As a matter of fact AT&T’s customer service SUCKS A$$!

AT&T The Worst Customer Service on this Planet
AT&T The Worst Customer Service on this Planet

Motel 6 Sucks A$$

Staying in cut-rate motels sucks in the first place… The decor is like an assault and the beds are usually junk but hey… It’s better than sleeping in a car isn’t it?

Fleas at Motel 6
Really, You are better off sleeping in the car… Motel 6 Sucks

See: The Fleas of Motel 6

3 thoughts on “Stuff I Don’t Like

  1. Why do you have to be so vulgar? Many of your thoughts and opinions are good ones, but your language screams to get in the way. It’s like you’re spitting when you talk and I can’t concentrate on your good ideas. I’d really like to. Succinct conversation doesn’t need any deletable expletives.

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