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Do you ever get the feeling that something is wrong?

Politically and Socially Incorrect

People who used to know me in my drinking days would tell everyone I had *Tourette’s syndrome in order to keep me out of fights

Grossly Inappropriate Humor


The things that make me laugh…

I don’t even think they are funny in the real world…  But, in my head?  It’s a riot. What can I say… I’m deranged.

President Barack Obama was scheduled to visit at the university where my brother-in-Law teaches mathematics, he was complaining (or something to those ends… He complains a lot… About a lot of things… Mostly about his abysmal love life) at what it hassle it was having the secret service up everyone’s a$$ in preparation for this visit .

Now as usual I had a bright idea, I told him through my wife that he should welcome our president by posting signs on all the drinking fountains with signs stating “Whites Only”… I guess he didn’t get the joke,  he hasn’t spoken to me since… Well actually he never really talked to me in the first place.

Now as I write this,  I’m thinking it would be funny to call him and invite him to a Klan meeting…

Admit it… These guys are hilarious!

This goes on all day long in my head, I always think of the very  last thing a person should say in any given circumstances and then fight the urge to just blurt it out.

God help me if I have to fly anywhere, I’m sure the first thing out of my mouth when boarding the plane would be Allah Akbar!

Hey, It’s a Joke you Idiot!

* More About Tourette’s Syndrome

2 thoughts on “Politically and Socially Incorrect

  1. Despise (Spelled D E S P I S E) is a strong word. Hate and passion is what drives this nonsense and if we can’t laugh at that what can we laugh about?…

    And yes I’m not right in the head, this much I can agree with you on. :p

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