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Do you ever get the feeling that something is wrong?

Microsoft Pisses Me Off

My Dead Mouse

My old mouse died and it’s carcass is rotting in a drawer so I got a new one… But here is the thing:


Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500
Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500


Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 GMF-00014  1 x Wheel USB RF Wireless BlueTrack Mouse…Comfort and Style on the Go… Comfortable in Either Hand  Use your mouse with your left or right hand. Ambidextrous design makes it comfortable either way.


Granted I shouldn’t even be using a mouse, it’s like trying to draw with a pencil stuck through a potato but I’m used to it…

And now?

This new mouse just didn’t feel right… I couldn’t figure out just WTF was wrong until I pulled the little dead one out and compared it carefully to the new live one…

At first glance the little MoFos look exactly alike, but upon careful inspection I can now see the new one is deformed…

This god damned mouse’s DNA has been tinkered with and it is symmetrical!

It’s not a right handed mouse…

Or a left handed mouse…

 It’s a neither handed mouse!

I guess Microsoft decided that if you can’t please everyone all of the time you might as well PISS EVERYONE OFF.


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