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Stuff I Like

Corsair Vengeance M65 Laser Gaming Mouse Mouse

Remember my mouse review: Microsoft Pisses Me Off? Well… Problem Solved

Best Mouse
At Least It’s A Right Handed Mouse…

 “The Vengeance M65 laser mouse is a finely-honed FPS gaming tool. It offers an 8200 DPI sensor for superior tracking, a dedicated sniper button that lets you switch resolution for extremely accurate shots, and an adjustable weight system for a custom fit to the way you play.”

Not just for the “gamer”… This mouse is EXCELLENT for use with graphic editing software… Yeah I know… Using a mouse for Photoshop is like sticking a pencil through a potato and drawing with it but… I’m used to it… And I don’t give a $h1t that it’s $69.99 USD it’s the best mouse I’ve EVER used.

LP Style Guitar Kit – Precision Guitar of North America

Precision Guitar Les Paul kit review
Precision Guitar “Les Paul” Kit Made in North America (Canada)

The Kit As Advertised:

“Chambered LP Style  Carved Top With Trapezoid Inlays, Maple Veneer On The Headstock… The body based around the 59 standard, it has  a sweeping carved top, a shaped lower bout, the mahogany body is chambered for less weight but still retains tremendous  tonal qualities… attention to detail, the fit of neck and body, the carved top, the lower bout, the transitions of the head stock, the geometries, all come together to make this the best “guitar bones” available.

 Current List Price: $444.00″ (


  • Mahogany body with carved solid maple cap, Quarter-sawn two pc mahogany neck, Neck pocket precisely cut for precision join, Ebony fretboard, 1 11/16” nut width,12″ FB radius, Jescar Medium Jumbo Fret Wire (.100” x .045”), 60’s Medium “C” neck profile, .8″ thick at the 1st fret, .885″ thick  at the 12th fret, Neck angle is 4.4 deg, Long tennon, cut for pickup, Maple headstock veneer, 13.5 degree headstock angle, Channels for electronics, Bridge and Stop Piece are are drilled for large studs – 11.3 mm or  7/16″ diameter, Bridge Post spacing is 2.83″ or 72 mm, Stop Tail Piece Post spacing is 3.25″ or 82 mm.

See: Precision Guitar Kit Review

 Hercules GSP39WB Guitar Wall Hanger


guitar wall hanger product review
Hercules GSP39WB Guitar Wall Hanger

Top of the line Guitar Wall Hanger

List Price: $34.95 – Street Price: Under $20

The GSP39WB features an screw-in standard wallmounting system and the innovative Hercules Auto Grab System (AGS) yoke: the arms turn in and up with the weight of your guitar to hold it securely and simply open up when you lift it off. Also features a specially designed AutoSwivel yoke, which rotates clockwise and counterclockwise to allow unconventionally shaped guitars and basses to hang vertically. The yoke is completely covered with Specially Formulated Foam (SFF) rubber to protect your guitar’s finish.

See: Guitar Wall Hanger Review

3 thoughts on “Stuff I Like

  1. the medium c neck shape of the lp kit is closer in feel to what era gibson. describe the bonk you talk about when you are checking for resonance on the body. do you support the body on your fingertips when you tap it?

  2. I would start with your name but could not find.

    I, am interested in your guitar you will make.
    I self have the same idea, but also some others witch I like to sent but cannot .
    (attachment not possible)
    The thing is that I have wood of 700 years old, witch I would like to use in this guitar.
    somewhere some how.
    Could make a complete one, but a Gibson with SDpickups, I like a lot.

    Or better the sound he produce on his you tube videos.

    I am turning around in this, because maybe you should not copies something that is already there and have the sound I like, they are really expensive those sd pickups.
    But together with this kit and some other stuff I think, I could have a nice guitar.

    I am olso not understand the shity talk , about the Gibson 1959
    In my opinion its easy today to get that sound if you would have one.
    With all the possibly in this world, this should not be a problem, why is it ?.

    Maybe if you take one to china it takes I wile , but copie they can.
    If china could built this and in I blind test nobody could know the difference.
    Would we, like me and you by one for 225 euro ?.
    What’s my point:
    We are in circles every one, want something that nobody ever plaid on.( his amp)
    So what we are surging for, some thing we don’t know or, think we know or…..

    Sometimes I think we are or I aim, not right in the head, but why I am sending this mail ??
    Don’t know but puss the bottom to sent

    Gr halbe


  3. Last mail.

    What i try to say is Oslo i want that 59.
    What i think the real problem is the wood.

    What can i do find the wood if someone tell me which wood from where.
    Where it is which tree etc.

    Also if someone give me the drawing of the right one he gets it back in 3 d
    So my shop next door can make it but Olso in USA
    Just router it out

    So maybe we can do something, don’t want to sell just want a few off them.

    Gr halbe scheper,
    Oosterdiep wz 240
    8781 GX
    Emmer Compascuum
    Mob 0620543242

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