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Free Guitar Blueprints

Vintage Guitar Building plans are as ubiquitous on the Internet as they are inaccurate.

 Guitar PDF Blue Prints

 I went on a hunt a while back for accurate ’59 Les Paul Blue Prints and what a nightmare that was… At any rate I eventually purchased a set and I had the opportunity to compare them to a real deal ‘1958, 1959, 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar… Okay so the plans I bought were worth the money.

In the course of that  hunt (and what a fiasco it was) I also tripped on some Free plans published under a Creative Commons Licence and I was able to compare these plans to the plans I purchased as well as a couple of other Real Deal guitars. And here I will share them with you:

This is just some of what I have found.  More templates, blue prints and plans will be made available here in due course as I check them for accuracy and use licence.


PDF Guitar Blue Prints - Creative Commons Licenced
PDF Guitar Blue Prints – Creative Commons Licenced

  These Blue Prints are being made available here for academic non commercial use only. 

Single front view plan for a 50’s Les Paul that is pretty damn accurate.

VIEW & DOWNLOAD PDF:  ’50s Les Paul Blue Print PDF



Les Paul Special Double Cut Plans PDF

VIEW & DOWNLOAD PDF: Les Paul Special DC Blue Print 



Measurements and drawing carefully compared to Gibson EDS 1275 Double Neck SG

VIEW & DOWNLOAD PDF: EDS 1275 Double Neck SG


dot 335
Gibson ES-335 Dot



17 thoughts on “Free Guitar Blueprints

  1. Hey, I tried to download and print the 50’s les paul plans but for some stupid (me) reason, only one section of the plans actually prints out, the center of the guitar at the neck/body joint? can you help me please…Thanks, Dave

  2. Dave,

    You’ve got me on that one but I’m going to guess it has something to do with the scaling in the printer settings?

    Just in case you are trying to print from the file online: Save the PDF to your computer and then try to print it…

    So says “The Village Idiot” For what it’s worth.

  3. Not getting the full print of the 50’s Les Paul. I was able to download the front view.

  4. I downloaded a zip full of guitar plans, and printed out a Jazzmaster plan. The PDF only prints out what will fit on a single page, and what you get is whichever part is showing on the screen. SO:

    You need to print four pages, each containing all of one corner of the body. Then you’ll be taping them together to get one big picture.

    Some printers maybe can print the whole image, in whole or in parts, but this is the simplest way. Just make very sure your sheets line up perfectly.

  5. Concerning the printing of this file, contact a blueprint business locally and ask them to print it. They have very large printers (and PDF shouldn’t be a problem at all) and can usually print these plans on 3′ x 4′ pieces of white paper for very, very little money. I have had both astronomy maps and R/C airplane plans done for under 1.50 per sheet. Hope this helps!

  6. The 1950’s les paul pdf only gives me the front view. is this purposeful or am i doing something wrong?

  7. Hey thanks for the blue print drawing of the les paul, I copied it and had it enlarged and framed it for wall art, I think its great
    Ive been looking for the same drawing of a Tele and a Strat. have any of those? thanls Albert

  8. set the printer settings to poster and plans will print out just fine.. typically they will consume between 12-24 sheets of paper then you get to play jigsaw puzzle… good way to do it is make a single sheet plan for reference and two sets of the plan that way you have backup.. if you are brilliant take the plans number or letter them and the join placement transfer to sheet of mdf and you can create a working template for construction

  9. The blueprints for the 50s Les paul did not come out that well. I saw some other comments that say the exact same thing. It took longer to download that pdf then the others did. I cant read the writing because its so blurry, please help!

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