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Cheap eBay Guitar Parts


Yeah sure, we got that!  Highest quality part! Best deal!

eBay Guitar Parts from China

This isn’t really a review… This is more like whipping a dead horse that I’m pretty sure we can all agree is dead and not coming back to pull the cart anytime soon.

These pickups sell for less than $20 and if you think they are worth even that you are foolish… Or a broke ass kid.

So really this is just a warning to all you broke ass kids out there combing fleabay for guitar parts.

Okay… Fair enough we are talking about Cheap Guitar Parts from Hong Kong but Chinese none the less… They’ve just had a little more time and experience in peddling their “fine wears” to the West than Mainland China.

As Listed by eBay Seller: Music_Online_Honkong:

Double Coil Humbucker Pickup Set Chrome Cover For Gibson

Cheap Ebay Humbucker Pickups
Image used to advertise Cheap Ebay Humbucker Pickups


ebay humbuckers from China
Items as shown on eBay humbucker Pickups



Description (Verbatim from eBay seller)

100% Brand new, never used
Item 100% like the picture shown
A soft magnetic field
One wire lead for each pickup
Can make a perfect balance between warmth and clarity
Each pickup includes height adjusting screws and springs
Complete With Neck & Bridge Surrounds
Cream pickup ring
Compatible with LP guitar
DC Resistance: NECK: 9.4K  BRIDGE: 9.85K
Pickup Pole Spacing: 50 mm / 52mm

Package Include:
1 Set of Guitar Pickups

Tips: We can offer thousands of guitar, bass parts and accessories, most in chrome, black, and gold finishes … also includes kinds of guitars and basses.If you have any question or problem about the item, you can contact us

(And they go on..)

  • We ship worldwide (NO Italy Brazi China) at flat rate ! This price is the same to all over the world. We wll check each item clearly before we sent it out.
  • All of our item shipment is Surface AIR MAIL have no track number, Item reach most countries within 16-20 days. (Actual transit time may vary and is best estimated but not guaran- teed.) ;if need track number need add 5 usd for the ship cost.
  • If you can’t get the post after 30 days from the day we sent to you , please contact us directly . We would be with you to resolve the case. Please trust us, we will provide best service with honest attitude.
  • Please make sure your shipping Address is Correct. We only ship to the confirmed address provided by Paypal. Before you pay, please make sure your address in Paypal matches the address you would like us to ship to.
  • Buyers need to pay S&H again for reshipping the item (except the wrong buyer address is wrote by us).
  • We promise each item would be shipped, but sometimes less than 0.5% packages might be lost in the way, you could choose to let us send another same item again or ask for money back.
  • Shipping fee quotation for any other methods, EMS, UPS, DHL, Fedex is available on request.
What They Really Look like:

[ more images to follow]

The Bridge puckup is dead… Wide open circuit,  and both pickups covers are on crooked. The chrome plating looks like $h1t even without all the scratches.

The quality and workmanship is so poor these pickups are worthless even if they both worked and they weren’t all beat to $h!t.


 If you are interested… Here is my conversation with the seller, music_online_hongkong,您好!:


So… I received the pickups today

Unfortunately the bridge pickup is dead as a door nail (wide open circuit) and aside from that  the build quality is so poor (covers not on straight or properly soldered) they are completely unacceptable even if  they both worked at any price.

What’s the deal with this anyway?…  My 4 year old can line up $h1t and solder better than that

– villageidiot

Dear villageidiot,

could you supply picture to me check it ,friend
really sorry give your trouble

– music_online_hongkong

Here are two shots of the dead one:

The other one looks about the same


– villageidiot

Dear villageidiot,

could you soldered it and i refund 3-5usd to you

– music_online_hongkong
Huh?  Me solder them for $3 or $5 bucks? What are you going to pay me to rewind the Bridge pickup if that’s what’s wrong with it? We both know  these things are junk anyway so why bother?
 I’m just telling you what you are selling does’t look 100% like what you say your’e selling and ***k … They don’t even work.
– villageidiot

Dear villageidiot,

if the coer is damage ,i can ship the chrome cover to you replace it ,ok

– music_online_hongkong
Clearly you are not understanding what I am saying…
#1. The bridge pickup is dead. Open circuit. Possibly a bad winding but I’d have to take apart to see.
#2. Neither pickup is assembled correctly or at all as shown in the image on the item description… They both look like this images I gave you the link to.
#3. Both pickups are marred marred and scratched.
Basically these are very poor quality and workmanship.
– villageidiot
Dear thevillageidiotdepot,
sorry about it ,how about you sent back to me and i reshi new or refund to you when i got it ,cos the item is cost me more to ship and packet ot you

– music_online_hongkong

No thanks… They’d cost me more to ship back than just throwing them in the trash.
– villageidiot

Dear villageidiot,

you can sent back if ok ,i can pay half ship cost to you

– music_online_hongkong
No thank you,  I’ll just toss them in the trash and leave you negative feedback in the hope some poor kid will see it and save him or her self the cash.
– villageidiot

Dear villageidiot,

warning! we will never sell to you again for your bad feed back this is very bad fro you

– music_online_hongkong
– villageidiot

3 thoughts on “Cheap eBay Guitar Parts

  1. Thanks a ton for this post. I was looking for some new pickups and came across loads of Chinese deals just like these. I was seriously thinking about it, but I figured I should look for some sort of review first. For hardware and whatnot I have no problem with Chinese junk, but I’ll be getting my pickups from a reputable American dealer. Thanks

  2. It’s sad the wide range of quality in the Chinese parts on ebay. I’ve bought more cheap ebay pickups than anyone should, and I’ve gotten pickups that were perfect quality and sounded amazing, but I’ve also gotten garbage pickups like the ones you got. It’s so tempting to buy them when the pictures are of perfect ones and the price is so low, but it’s a terrible feeling when you finally get them in the mail and they’re worthless and are nothing like what’s described/pictured.

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